Where should I leave my bin for collection?

Please leave your bin outside your premises on the path in a visible, accessible and safe place. Please leave your bin out the night before your collection day.

What can I put in my Recycling bin?

View full details here.

What can I put in my Compost bin?

View full details here.

Can I put glass in my Recycling bin?

No, you cannot put glass bottles and jars into your recycling bin, please visit your local bottle banks.

Where can I find my account number & PIN?

Your account number and PIN are located on your invoice, which can be viewed from your account when you register online and through our app from 1st October.

What if I cannot find my account number on my bin?

Please send us an email on

Are my online details secured?

Yes, we do not store any of these details online. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

How long does it take to receive my bins after I order?

You should expect delivery of your bin within 5-7 working days.

Where are my bin stickers/labels?

From 1st October you no longer require a sticker for your bin as the bins are micro-chipped and the chip holds the same information as the sticker.

What happens if I am moving house?

Please contact our office prior to your move.

What happens if my contact details have changed?

Please contact our office to update these details.

How do I change my Direct Debit?

Please complete the direct debit form.

Will you collect extra waste?

No, we do not take extra bags of waste.

Is my bin overloaded?

If the lid on your bin does not close, it is overloaded.

When should I leave my bin out?

Your bin should be left of the night before your collection day e.g. if your collection is Tuesday leave your bin out Monday night.

What happens if my bin is misplaced or stolen?

If your bin is misplaced, please look for it first. In our experience most bins are found close by within a day or so. However, if it does not turn up please be advised that there is a €15 charge for a replacement second hand bin. This can be organised by emailing our office at

What happens if my bin is damaged?

If your bin has been damaged in the process of collection or due to wear and tear, please contact our office on 059 91 47678.


How do I know which size skip I need?

Take a look at our skip section for skip sizes. If you are building, your builder may have an idea of the size required, or you can contact our office for help.

How long can I have a skip for?

Mini skips are kept for 1 day. Standard skips are kept for 3 days. If you require a skip for a longer period of time, please contact our office on +353 59 914 7678.

What cannot go into a skip?

Paint Cans
Hazardous Waste

How can I pay for my skip?

You can pay for your skip over the phone, online or on delivery of the skip. However payment is required prior to the skip being left.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver skips to areas in counties Carlow, Laois, Wicklow and Kildare. For Specific towns please contact our office.

How much are your skips?

Prices of skips vary according to size and delivery areas. Please contact our office.

What can I put into the skip?

Everything apart from hazardous waste is accepted in our skips. Hazardous waste items would include asbestos and paint.

Are there any circumstances where a discount may apply?

We currently offer a small discount on skips to our domestic customers!